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Cheap flights to Africa

  • If you are looking for cheap flights to Africa, your search ends here. Depending upon your place and time of arrival, we offer best flight options to Africa, considering your schedule.
  • You should book your Africa flights at least two months prior to the departure, especially if you are travelling around Christmas.
  • Quite surprisingly, Turkish Airlines seems to be operating most of the flights from the UK to Africa as it covers 17 destinations, including Mogadishu and Kigali as well.
  • In order to avail cheapest flights to Africa, you should pursue regional hubs. For instance, countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Zambia are reasonable cheaper as compared to South Africa.
  • Most of the flights for East and Southern Africa depart from London. Therefore, the city offers more valuable deals to the air travellers.

Africa Overview

Africa is a vast continent, and if you are planning to visit it, the significance of planning cannot be ignored. This is because the place has a huge number of attractions and activities that cannot be overlooked. Let it be history or scenic beauty, Africa has everything to allure all classes of travellers.

For instance, if you are interested in watching the wild animals in their natural habitat, Kenya offers the most promising opportunity. However, for history lovers, there is not a single place on Earth like Egypt. Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the laziness of spending days on unspoiled beaches, Tanzania is the perfect place for such endeavours.

Since this continent offers an array of tourist attractions, people avail flights to Africa throughout the year. But the best time is July since the rainy season is over. A lot of people visit Africa in December and January, and this is the very reason why you should avoid this time, especially if you are on a budget.

This combination of 54 countries has a great variety incorporated in its 32 million square kilometres. It is worth mentioning that some of the most beautiful Island countries are in Africa.

It is justified to say that Africa nests and satisfies the lust of adventurers in every corner of the land. Moreover, the continent allows you to explore some of the vivid landscapes of waterfalls and snow-capped mountains on Earth. Even its barren lands are colourful!

Things to do in Africa

  • Do not forget to enjoy the pleasure of taking a river cruise. It allows you to watch crocs and hippos from the sheer safety of your platoon boat
  • Redefine your riding experience! Just get on a horse and surf the plains of Africa with wildebeests and zebras running along with you. This is one of the most enchanting and lively perks of visiting Africa
  • Most of the World’s population has never seen a turtle laying eggs. However, St. Lucia provides you with the opportunity of watching Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles laying eggs
  • The World has only one stadium swing, located in Durban. You could avail it at Moses Mabidha Stadium. If you are hesitant or have height phobia, warm up yourself by enjoying a micro flight over the coastline
  • There are a number of traditional restaurants, and you should try a couple of them
  • When it comes the scenic beauty, African beaches, typically the Islands, take over any other leisure activity that you could do on an entire trip
  • Since Africa is quite different from the UK, you should hit some museums as well
  • Wildlife sari is not a thing to miss while on your trip. The natural habitat of lions, cheetahs and annual migration of wildebeests is worth enjoying

Our Discounted Fares to Africa

  • London To Harare £ 1019.41
  • London To Harare £ 1039.41
  • London To Harare £ 1046.91
  • London To Harare £ 1087
  • London To Harare £ 255
  • London To Manzini £ 450
  • London To Manzini £ 510
  • London To Manzini £ 530
  • London To Hargeisa £ 540
  • London To Harare £ 545
  • London To Mogadishu £ 550
  • London To Hargeisa £ 576
  • London To Hargeisa £ 580
  • London To Mogadishu £ 590
  • London To Mogadishu £ 590
  • London To Manzini £ 590
  • London To Harare £ 592.61
  • London To Manzini £ 620
  • London To Mogadishu £ 620
  • London To Harare £ 638.12

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