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Mount Cameroon
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Cameroon is located in the central part of Africa and it is often called small Africa because of its strong geological and cultural diversity. The variety of fauna and flora will make any nature lover book their flights to Cameroon without a second thought because this is the country to find rare and exotic creatures.

Despite the fact that it is exceptionally hospitable and safe to visit for tourists, Cameroon is never clogged with visitors. Honestly, it is usually tranquil and never boring. Cameroon has beaches, deserts, savannas, rainforests and mountains which are worth seeing. You will always have a story to tell about it.

With English and French as official languages, Cameroon has over 200 spoken languages. The largest cities in Cameroon include Douala, Yaounde (the capital of Cameroon), and Garoua. Air France flights to Cameroon fly to these big cities as well.


The people of Cameroon love ceremonies, gatherings, storytelling and festivals. Most of the common instruments you will find in the music scene in Cameroon include local stringed instrument, whistles, xylophones, scrapers, horns, rattles and many more. Popular music existing are makossa, assiko, ambasse bey and tsamassi among others.
Since they share borders with Nigeria, Nigerian music has greatly influence Cameroon in some way. As stated earlier, there's is a rich cultural diversity in Cameroon with many languages spoken but one language, Busuu, is currently gaining traction because there are only eight speakers left.

The Cameroonian cuisines vary with different tribes but most of their meals are prepared from yam, plantain, cocoyam, cassava, millet, maize, potatoes and rice often served with soups. For drinks, millet beer and palm wine are more popular.  Overall, the music, food and lifestyle make it a great place to visit in Africa.



The home of the best beaches in Cameroon, fine sand, fresh fish and crystal clear water, this is what Kribi stands for. If you want a hug from this part of Africa, cheap flights to Cameroon from London are usually available. You will be sure to enjoy the roasted fishes and the nightlife on the beach. Big-BEN is one of the cool places to visit with exciting things to do in Kribi.

Chutes de la Lobé is also a recommended place to visit in Kribi. It is a beautiful waterfall that empties directly into the sea.

Korup National Park

The Korup National Park is located in Korup forest gallery, the oldest forest in Africa with over 4000 species of herbs and over 600 species of shrubs. This highly diverse forest serves as a home to over 400 birds species, 100 species of mammals, 430 species of birds, 170 kinds of fish and over 170 species of reptiles. Ever heard of animals like red-eared monkey, Sjostedt’s owlets or red-capped mangabey? You will have all the pleasure to see these rare animals at the national park.

Going to the park, it is about 6 hours flight from Douala International Airport. The thrilling adventure in Korup National Park is hiking and there are ranger guides and facilities to ensure you have a swell time at the park. The best time to visit Korup National Park is between December-February during the dry season.

There are camps in the park that offer overnight stay and dinner for tourists visiting the park. Chimpanzee Camp is one of the popular camps that provide basic accommodation and tents for camping outside as well. You should go with sleeved and warm clothing as well as insect repellents if you are thinking of paying a visit to these places.

Other Cameroon safaris you should also check out include Waza National Park, Dja Faunal Reserve, Mangrove Nature Trail, Limbe Wildlife Centre and Bénoué Park.

Mount Cameroon

Hiking is the best part of visiting Mount Cameroon, the tallest mountain in West Africa standing at about 4,070 metres. You really want to visit this mountain of greatness because from the foot to the summit, romantic is the word that describes the feeling. Although it could be a challenge climbing, you will always end up feeling strong and accomplish afterwards. This is just a lesson in life. You might want to go to the mount with great sneakers, water bottle, warm clothes, hand sanitizer, headlamp and some snacks. Climbing mount Cameroon will always be pleasurable because of the scenic views, relaxation and excitement you will enjoy.

Historical Sites

The Castle (Schloss) of Puttkamer, Bandjoun Museum, Musée de la Blackitude, Fon's Palace, Baham Museum, Mankon Museum, Babungo Museum, Cameroon National Museum, Afhemi Museum etc. are historical places to visit in Cameroon as they contain over a hundred noteworthy objects that capture the essence and the spirit of the country's art and tradition, also serving as a storehouse of relics from ancient past.

Be confident that there will be flights to Cameroon at any time of the year right here on Airfare Centre to experience everything the beautiful country of Cameroon has to offer.

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List of Major Destinations in Cameroon

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List of Airports in Cameroon

  • Douala International Airport
  • Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport
  • Garoua International Airport
  • Salak Airport
  • Bafoussam Airport
  • Cameta Airport
  • Limbe Airport
  • Bertoua Airport
  • Bamenda Airport
  • Ebolowa Airport
  • Koutaba Airport
  • Kribi Airport
  • Nkongsamba Airport
  • Tiko Airport
  • Witu Airport
  • Mamfe Airport
  • Batouri Airport
  • Foumban Nkounja Airport
  • Kaélé Airport
  • Bali Airport