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About Us

About Us

Airfare Centre is one of the leading travel agency in the UK. The company is engaged in providing online air tickets. By providing best service in airlines, Airfare Centre has become amongst top airline’s consolidator in the UK. The company started with an aim to provide online tickets solution, hotel booking and car hire. Considering the need of a time-saving mobile app and responsive travel website, Airfare Centre prides itself to be one of the best flights consolidators in the UK. 


To make air travel instant, affordable & easy and a source of happiness, satisfaction for our worldwide customers.


As a travel agency, our aim is to satisfy customer from buying tickets to the landing of aircraft. Our website is equipped with modern technology design and our management is capable of capturing new markets. We strive hard not to just grab customer but also to retain them with our excellent customer support, cooperative staff and modern complaint resolution system. 


Consumer loyalty is our main goal. The company just tries to give special attention to each passenger. The company is also improving it through the recommendations and suggestions of its customers. 


We treat every passenger with care; the company just want to satisfy every passenger 100 percent. Airfare Centre meets with every travel need of a passenger and aims to provide it to him. Company updates its website regularly to aware its customers with new service/product. 

Every passenger demands affordability and full satisfaction while travelling, and Airfare Centre has provided both to its customers. Customer loyalty is the biggest task, and the company has achieved it by providing best services to its precious passengers. Updated websites and an instant way of communication with the customer has eased both the customer and the company. Customer can ask, suggest, and complaint instantly to the company and we will solve his/her issues as early as possible. Recommendations from its customers are being carefully monitored by Airfare Centre. 

With an immensely capable management, AFC appears to be the most promising travel agent across the United Kingdom for its matchless service and continuous customer support. Managing travel of someone else is not an easy task; at Airfare Centre, our sales champs are busy 24/7 to cover minute and minor travel details. With loyalty rewards and monitory incentive, AFC tries to use each and every means to not only attain but also retain customers.