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Cheap Flights to Cape Verde

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Cape Verde Overview

Located about 385 miles off the west coast of Senegal, the Island nation, Cape Verde is a hotspot for holidays. Cape Verde prides herself in her rich cultural diversity and picturesque beaches that continue to attract tourists from all over the world. Flights to Cape Verde are usually available throughout the year and this has served as a form of encouragement for travel enthusiasts.

In the mix of her diverse culture; the African, Portuguese, Brazilian and New England cultures are well represented respectively. Needless to say, the whole world is in this tiny part of Africa.

The alluring group of 10 Islands boasts of beautiful coastal lines that present the best places to relax amongst the genuineness of nature. Worthy of note is that the beaches in Cape Verde Islands are remote, well taken care of and ooze every form of serenity.

Some of the Islands to find these beaches are; Maio, Sal and Boavista amongst others. So you love to surf? Not to worry! Cape Verde has got a reputation as an international surfing location. However, whatever adventure you seek to have, Cape Verde has got something to offer you. Here is where the adventure begins!  

Since you will like to add this archipelago to your next holiday destination, the airports in Cape Verde have been fully tailored to service the tourism industry. Also, Cape Verde hotels offer luxury options to give you all the comfort you desire.

The good news is, you can get discounted rates on flights anytime of the year by just booking early enough. If the question on your mind is ‘is Cape Verde safe?’ Well, Cape Verde is a safe place to visit in Africa.

Why You Should Visit Cape Verde

1. The Beautiful Weather

Cape Verde has a fairly constant temperature all year round which makes the climate pleasant. On average, the temperature is between 25 to 30 degrees and the sea water is usually constant at 25 degrees. But the best time to visit Cape Verde is during the dry season; between October and June when the temperature is more pleasant. Raining season is between July and September and everywhere gets humid during these months.

2. The Beaches

Every beach in Cape Verde is reckoned as a paradise for sea lovers. The lovely sea temperature, the attractive turquoise sea, the snow white and black beach sand, the nesting turtles, the reflection of the sun, the exquisite restaurants and more gives a peek into the unique characteristics of beaches in Cape Verde.

3. Cape Verdean Cuisine

Have a taste of the many Islands spiced by the flavours of the sea. Here is where a great culinary journey begins. The Cape Verdean national dish is called 'cachupa' which made with beans, vegetables, corn kernels, fish or meat.
Try out cachupa to have a taste of fresh seafood, although meats are not common. Other foods we recommend include; cado de peixe ou caiderado (fish dish), lagosta suada (steamed lobster), bol de cus-cus (cake made with corn and sugar) and Fogo coffee pudding.

To get all these treats, you can pay a visit to any of these restaurants: Cape Fruit, Farolin Restaurant, Chez Pastis, Ocean Cafe and Tam Tam Bar. Travellers who seek some palatial adventure should book their flights to Cape Verde now.

4. Historical Sites

Far-flung from the charming landscape and enticing coastal lines, Cape Verde has places mapped out in history you would definitely love to see.

Fortaleza Real de San Felipe is a world heritage site called 'The Citadel' and reconstructed in the 18th century after damage by French pirate attack. It is a fascinating structure you would not want to miss out on.

Pelourinho is a white marble column standing at the main square and has been recognised as the UNESCO world heritage site because it is a symbol of municipal power and slavery.

Konzentrationslager Colonia Penal de Tarrafal is a memorial centre at the Portuguese colonial prison camp. It was established in 1974 when there was an outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and prisoners who made trouble by inciting other inmates were kept here.

5. Marine Life in Cape Verde

While there are many marine animals, there are some special species that only exist in Cape Verde and its surrounding waters. Over 639 unique species of fishes have been recognised by scientists so far. All you need is to arm yourself with a camera on your way to Cape Verde.

In addition to these, exploring iconic shipwrecks, listening to the local music, jet-skiing and fishing games are so much fun you can catch up within Cape Verde. To gain more insight into what more Cape Verde has to offer, you travel to visit Cape Verde to experience the best holiday you can have in your lifetime.

Cheap Flights to Cape Verde in December

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List of airports in Cape Verde

  • Amílcar Cabral International Airport
  • Esperadinha Airport
  • Agostinho Neto Airport
  • Rabil Airport
  • Maio Airport
  • Mosteiros Airport