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Cheap Flights to Burkina Faso from UK

Find cheap flights to Burkina Faso

• There is an array of airports in the country, catering to the raging demand for cheap flights to Burkina Faso.

• The Ouagadougou airport entertains 150 International flights on a weekly basis, many of which are the flights to Burkina Faso from the UK.

• Airfare Centre lets you chose the best option for Burkina Faso flight tickets and plan your post arrival journey as well.

• Since Ouagadougou airport deals with at least 18 airlines, you have a better chance of availing Burkina Faso cheap airfare if you fly there because of the variety of options.

About Burkina Faso

It is a landlocked country, surrounded by six countries situated in Western Africa. The word ‘Burkina Faso' typically means the land of honest men and this country happens to be a rich reserve of gold. However, since there has been a profound concern for human rights and other economic issues, there has not been a ‘rapid and significant' development.

It has a population of more than 17 million people, and the major religions and languages happen to be, Islam, Christianity, and French, respectively.

Since it is one of the most peaceful countries in Western Africa, it is the perfect place to observe the richness of Africa in terms of music and culture.

Once you get here, you might want to visit other variants of the country and West Africa as well.For that purpose, buses and trains are easily available. However, hitchhiking is not quite common.

Following is a list of festivals hosted by Burkina Faso:

Festival Jazz: It features renowned names from all across the continent, and the event happens in April and May.

Festival International de la Culture Hip Hop: As the name suggests, this event is crowded with hip-hop performances spanning over a period of two weeks in October.

Festival Panafrican du Cinema: This festival is organized in February and March of every odd-numbered year. It happens to be the largest film festival in Africa, attracting filmmakers from all across the continent.

When to Book Flights to Burkina Faso

Since people are always concerned about the weather while booking their flights to Burkina Faso, it is worth mentioning that the country features a tropical climate. It implies that you must be ready to experience extreme weather in wet and dry months. 

However, the best time to be in the country, especially if you are coming from Europe, is between October and December. If you decide to go otherwise, for instance from June to December, that is the time when the rain sets in and the country go ‘super humid’ and hot.

Flights to Burkina Faso

  • London To Ouagadougou £ 320 Air Algérie
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 324 Brussels Airlines
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 330 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 330 Brussels Airlines
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 340 Air France
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 340 Air Algérie
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 340 KLM
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 346 KLM
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 350 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 350 Brussels Airlines
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 368 KLM
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 387 Air France
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 390 Brussels Airlines
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 410 Royal Air Maroc
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 430 Ethiopian Airlines
  • London To Ouagadougou £ 475 Tunisair

Flight destinations in Burkina Faso

  • Cheap Flights to Ouagadougou
  • Cheap Flights to Kaya
  • Cheap Flights to Ouahigouya
  • Cheap Flights to Djibo
  • Cheap Flights to Leo
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Flights to famous Burkina Faso airports

  • Kaya Airport
  • Ouagadougou Airport