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Free Flight Reservation for Visa without Payment

Flight Reservation For Visa
  • You can now book flight ticket without payment for visa application.
  • Flight itinerary provided will contain flight confirmation number which can be verified online as well. Once you've obtained your visa you can then proceed further and book your air tickets with us.
  • Travel Itinerary can be used to get visa for any country, i.e. USA, UK, Schengen Visa, Africa, Australia, Asia.
  • All you have to do is call us on 0208 150 3694 and provide us your travel preferences and one of our agent will help you get this booking done for free.


When you plan a vacation or a trip, you look for places where you can get flight tickets at the best rates. This is the place you will get everything you want, even cheap flights to Somalia! However, when you are applying for a visa in some countries, the embassy or the consulate may ask you for your flight reservations or a travel itinerary. Visa procedures are not as simple as they may sound. Before they issue you a visa, they need a confirmation from the applicant about their travel dates and their plans.  Some consulates may even ask the applicant to submit the actual flight tickets for confirmation and verification purposes.

Visa application procedures do not always end in favor of the applicant. The embassy may reject the visa application for valid and sometimes, reasons the applicant may not be able to understand. In such an uncertain situation, purchasing the flight tickets is not a very good option. Considering the fact that the visa may get rejected and all the money invested in the flight ticket may go to waste, one may not be very comfortable or confident in taking this step. This is when dummy flight tickets come in the picture. A flight reservation for a visa without paying is always an opportunity that stays open for people who are applying for a visa.

Dummy Flight Tickets

Dummy ticket or a Flight reservation for Visa is a ticket back and forth to your home country. Dummy flight tickets are actual, authentic flight tickets that are issued by many airlines without any payment. These dummy flight tickets have an official flight booking number and the airlines issue these tickets for the purpose of visa applications. However, the difference in an actual ticket and a dummy ticket is that the buyer does not have to pay for it.  We offer free of cost services to help you out in getting dummy flight tickets for Visa.

Flight Itinerary

A flight itinerary is a travel plan of the person who is applying for a visa. The flight itinerary is like a timetable that comprises of flight timings, personal details, flight reservation number IATA codes of the airport, the arrival and departure dates along with the price of the actual flight ticket. Free flight itinerary is something even the embassies encourage because they are aware of the uncertainty of visa applications. Hence, a dummy ticket or free flight itinerary is the smartest and the cheapest options. We offer free of cost flight itinerary to get your Visa on time.

Getting Flight Ticket without Paying for Visa

Getting a free fight reservation or flight itinerary is a hectic task which requires you to search for a good company that provides these services. In order to get a fake booking confirmation or a free flight reservation for a visa, call us or contact us at the time, we provide free flight reservation for Visa.

Where to Get Free Flight Reservation?

If you are wondering how you can get a free flight reservation without paying, you have come to a right place. Unlike other services providers, we do a flight reservation for Visa-free of cost and do all the chores associated with getting you a fake flight reservation for visa or Flight Itinerary.  Our agents have a hub of information from various airlines and companies, and he can help you fulfill all the requirements for visa approval. They understand what the embassies and consulates require, and they know a way around the entire barrier that may arise. Hence, you don’t get stuck in any document related issue and also get a service without burdening your pocket.

Confirmed Flight Booking

A dummy ticket or a confirmed flight booking is offered by us but be mindful of the fact that usually, the validity of these flight reservations is only about a week after which your booking may be canceled without any prior notice by the airline if you do not purchase the actual ticket.

Concerns of Embassies

Embassies and consulates may show their reservation about the authenticity of your travel plans. Therefore, they do not issue a visa without making sure that the applicant is actually traveling. For authenticity and verification purposes, embassies have kept the requirements stringent. They are aware of how people get the visas without any plans to travel, and since the incoming of visitors to a particular country must be regulated, the embassies work in approving visas only for those people who provide proofs that they will be traveling for real.
When applying for a visa, you should always think of cheaper options to fulfill requirements because visa procedures are something nobody can be sure about until or unless you have the visa in hand. You can contact us at any time via live chat or call us to know the details of the process.