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Cheap Flights to Equatorial Guinea from United Kingdom (UK)

Equtariol Guinea Flights
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    Major airports in the UK like London Heathrow, Manchester, London Luton, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol and London Gatwick all have airlines that fly to Equatorial Guinea. Indirect and direct flights to Malabo, Bata and Ebebiyin are available as well.
  • Cheap Equatorial Guinea flights will vary according to regions in the UK as some offer cheap flight deals to Equatorial Guinea than the others.

Equatorial Guinea Overview

In West Central Africa lies a country known for its scenic natural landscapes and islands, people of sundry culture and aura of adventure. The nation is known as Equatorial Guinea, the smallest autonomous African country that speaks Spanish as an official national language and other regional languages such as Fang, Annobonese, Combe and Pidgin English. Equatorial Guinea can be deemed as a true vacationer’s paradise. Flights to Equatorial Guinea arrive at the Malabo International Airport situated at Punta Europa in the fabulous Bioko Island.

Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea which is located on the biggest island called Bioko amongst several other beautiful islands found in this nation. There are many attractive features of Equatorial Guinea that makes the nation a top destination for travellers. The rich collection of enticing wildlife, mouth-watering cuisine and the tropical climate are just teasers pertaining to the stunning and exciting features Equatorial Guinea tourism sector has to offer. Also, available in Equatorial Guinea are top hotels that offer luxury options to provide you with all the comfort you desire.

There’s always the question of safety when visiting other nations but don’t be dismayed as Equatorial Guinea is an overall safe place but in some areas such as the Island of Bioko, an organised expedition is much advised.

The beautiful land of Equatorial Guinea has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons. Around the month of June to August, the Island of Bioko experiences rainfall and dry season is around December to February. The reverse is the case for the mainland region Rio Muni. Depending on the region of visit, the dry season is the best time to visit Equatorial Guinea. The Malabo city has a temperature ranging from 16ﹾC to 33ﹾC. Worried about getting around in Equatorial Guinea? Don’t fret as the country is facilitated with smooth, durable roads with taxis ever available to cater to your mobility needs.

Tourist Attractions in Equatorial Guinea

1. Equatorial Guinean Cuisine

No tourist adventure is complete without an escapade into the Equatorial Guinea cuisine, irrespective of the area one visits; mainland or islands, delicious indigenous sugarcane known as Malamba is available all over the nation to wash down a delightful fish or grilled chicken meal and exotic bush meat.

Other common dishes include the use of key ingredients made from local plants, one of such is “Sopa de Pescado”; a special groundnut soup garnished with fish, onions and tomato. If you’re a lover of fruits, Equatorial Guinea has got you covered! With the vast array of colourful, healthy fruits such as banana, mango, pineapple, papaya and others.

2. Landmarks

Equatorial Guinea is endowed with tropical rainforests rich in collections of diverse animal species such as chimpanzees, elephants, crocodiles and gorillas. To have this rare experience, ensure you visit the following places:

Monte Alen National Park

This holds the wonderful treasures as it offers tourists numerous exciting opportunities to relish activities such as wildlife photography, hiking and trekking. Competent villagers knowledgeable in the country’s history are available to take vacationers on visits to the Monte Alen National Park.

Bantabare caves

This is an exciting place for tourists who are nature enthusiasts. The cave holds quite a number of limestones and it is home to other nocturnal creatures.


The experience of visiting a waterfall is definitely one that lasts forever. In Equatorial Guinea lies several waterfalls that pool tourists all over the globe. These include the Biben Falls which is 50m tall, Bonsoc Falls, Iladyi Cascades and Mosumo Falls.

3. Beaches

Are you a lover of fresh breeze, blue sea, sun-bathing, swimming and stunning natural scenes? Find the lowest airfare to Equatorial Guinea on Airfare Centre. Without any iota of doubt, this country is blessed with fascinating islands but the most popularly known is Bioko Island, famous for its only white-sand beach. The best time to visit this beach is during the dry season where it comes alive with swarms of colourful butterflies. As the main attraction in Equatorial Guinea, the Ureca beach is yet another reason to visit the nation. Just like the Bioko island, the beach holds eye-catching views with a touch of wildlife; turtle’s nesting season.

Exploring mask-making, sculpturing and other man-made landmarks are part of the alluring offers within Equatorial Guinea. In order to have an avalanche of amazing and unforgettable memories with families, loved ones or just yourself, fly to Equatorial Guinea where the fun never ceases.

Cheap Flights to Equatorial Guinea from UK

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  • London To Malabo £ 500 Air France
  • Birmingham To Malabo £ 510 Kenya Airways
  • Birmingham To Malabo £ 510 KLM
  • Manchester To Malabo £ 520 Ethiopian Airlines
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  • Manchester To Malabo £ 550 Lufthansa
  • Manchester To Malabo £ 550 Ethiopian Airlines
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  • Manchester To Malabo £ 555 Kenya Airways

Flights to Equatorial Guinea Destinations

  • Cheap Flights to San Antonio de Palé
  • Cheap Flights to Corisco Island
  • Cheap Flights to Malabo
  • Cheap Flights to Bata
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List of Airports in Equatorial Guinea

  • Malabo Airport
  • Corisco International Airport
  • Bata Airport