Cheap Flights to Gambia from United Kingdom (UK)
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Cheap Flights to Gambia from United Kingdom (UK)

Gambia Flights
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  • There are indirect and direct flights to Banjul, Serrekunda, Brikama, Bakau and other major cities in the Gambia.
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The Gambia Overview

The smiling coast of Africa, Gambia, is located in West Africa and reckoned to be one of the smallest countries in Africa. The nation falls on both sides of the River Gambia. Exotic landscapes and rich wildlife like in most African nations are also present in the Gambia. Here in the Gambia, you will get the privilege to be close to nature and its rare habitats. It is going to be a lush forest and parks adventure. For tourists, the Gambia offers a whole lot of package tours.

Well, cheap flights to Gambia are not scarce and it is definitely safe to add Gambia to the next destination you will like to visit.  Thomas Cook flights to Gambia could be cheap as well. Banjul International Airport, formerly known as Yundum International, a major airport in Gambia caters for all the international arrivals and departures.

One of the fastest growing sectors of the Gambian economy is Tourism. The beaches, sunshine, birds, culture and hospitality are some of the biggest assets in the Gambia. The country is agriculturally fertile and dominated by fishing and farming. Since the major economic boost in Gambia is tourism, there are various hotels in Gambia that offer luxury ambience as well as others that can fit into your budget.

Banjul, the capital of Gambia, hosts a lot of tourist attractions for tourists. The commercial nerve centre Serrekunda is one of the busiest cities in Gambia. Brikama, Farafenni and Basse are also interesting places to visit.

The Gambia has a tropical climate, although; rain hardly falls in the country. This has made it a choice travel destination. The best time to visit Gambia is from November to June when the maximum temperature is in the low-30s. You should lodge in a beachfront hotel to enjoy the lovely winter sun. An encounter with the Gambians will give you a more relaxed ambience amongst the most bliss of nature. Most tourists prefer to visit towns like Jufureh because it is home to a museum that is not too far from James Island.

Things to do in the Gambia

From everything the Gambia has to offer; the splendid beaches, the charming Atlantic resorts, wildlife parks and more presents the Gambia as an interesting place to unwind.

1. Sunbathe

The south bank of River Gambia at Cape Point to the village called Brufut, about 12.5km beach shore spreads wide with various beaches and resorts as well as hotels. There are a handful of beaches where you have a delightful sunbath as you lay-back to relax. Some of these alluring beaches are;

Southern Kombo:  Gambia's best, widest and serene area of beachfront with a couple of coconut palm trees, baobab and dune scrubland. Although not usually visited by tourists, this beach is usually quite busy with fishing activities and smoking houses. Worthy of mention here is that you can enjoy fresh seafood with a selection of natural fruit juices. The coastline extends from Brufut Heights to Kartong and it is characterised by low sandstone ridges, dune scrubland, sweeping shallow bays and lagoons as well as seafront lodges.

Cape Point:  This is a more appealing beach with its beige colour. It is beautifully designed with idyllic palm trees and thatched sunshades between the plastic sun beds. The coastline of Cape Point is a wide seafront of fine golden sand with its water rising up to 15 meters. The brackish mangrove swamps located at the southeastern part of Cape Point are usually visited by wetland birds.

Fun things to do here include bird watching, horse riding and have a pleasurable stroll. Some of the bird species found here are black kites, blue-breasted kingfishers, parakeets, blue-cheeked bee-eaters, black kites and starlings. There are also a couple of fish-eating birds. Restaurants like Sandplover, Italian Connection, Sunshine beach bar, Calypso Beach Bar & restaurant all have exquisite cuisines to offer tourists.

The Fajara Resort: This coastal suburb is peaceful and a residential neighbourhood. Some of the best restaurants are nestled here and it is also characterised by sandy road lines with luxurious houses. The Faraja Resort offers scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean with opportunities for sunbathing, watersports (e.g volleyball), shopping at the craft market and many more. It is one of the favourite spots for expatriates.

Kotu Beach: Here is yet another wide sandy beach very popular among tourists who pay a visit to the Gambia. There are a lot of fruit stalls and restaurant to have a taste of some Gambian food. A couple of hotels are found here as well and they offer water sports equipment for hire.

The Kololi beach, Bijilo Beach and Bakau Beach are also some colourful beaches to swim, sunbathe, and participate in some beach sports.

2. Visit National Parks

With over 7 national parks representing about 3.5% of Gambia, the rate of biodiversity is high. Abuko Nature Reserve, Baobolon Wetland Reserve, Kiang West National Park, Niumi National Park, Niumi National Park, River Gambia National Park, Tanji Karinti Bird Reserve and Pirang Forest National Park highlight the amazing richness to Gambian wildlife and attention to conservation. Different species of monkeys, reptiles, birds, hyenas and so on are present here. In addition to these national parks, Gambia has over 66 forest parks, 1 community wildlife reserve and 1 Ramsar site. Gambia forest animals are worth the views too.

3. Bird Watching

If colourful birds amuse you, then you should find a way to have the Gambia experience but first, book your Gambia flights. It will be a pleasure to say that in the Gambia, for those with bird watching hobby, there is no best season for birds. It is an all year affair.

4. Visit Historical Sites

Like many nations rich with history in Africa, the Gambia has some excellent historical sites that provide testimonies of the different aspects of the African-European encounter. Some of these places are Fort Bullen, James Island, CFAO Building, Maurel Freres Building, Portuguese Chapel, San Domingo and Six-Gun Battery.

Fly to the Gambia from anywhere you are in the world. The bustling culture, numerous historic sites and wildlife activities gives a peek why you should visit Gambia today. If you will like to visit before the end of the year, flights to Gambia 2018 holiday tour packages are available to suit your budget as well as airlines with cheap airfare.

Flights to Gambia from UK Airports

  • Manchester To Banjul £ 400 Royal Air Maroc
  • Manchester To Banjul £ 450 Royal Air Maroc
  • London To Banjul £ 490 Royal Air Maroc
  • Manchester To Banjul £ 500 Royal Air Maroc
  • London To Banjul £ 500 Lufthansa
  • London To Banjul £ 505 SWISS
  • London To Banjul £ 510 IBERIA
  • Manchester To Banjul £ 520 Brussels Airlines
  • London To Banjul £ 520 Royal Air Maroc
  • London To Banjul £ 520 Ethiopian Airlines
  • London To Banjul £ 520 Brussels Airlines
  • Manchester To Banjul £ 530 Lufthansa
  • Birmingham To Banjul £ 530 Lufthansa
  • Manchester To Banjul £ 535 Ethiopian Airlines
  • Manchester To Banjul £ 535 IBERIA
  • London To Banjul £ 540 SWISS
  • Birmingham To Banjul £ 540 Brussels Airlines
  • Manchester To Banjul £ 540 Air France
  • London To Banjul £ 550 Lufthansa
  • Birmingham To Banjul £ 550 Air France

Flights to Major Gambian Cities

  • Cheap Flights to Banjul

List of Airports in Gambia

  • Banjul International Airport