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A trip to a historic nation like Benin will always feel like the true adventure you have always craved for. Firstly, it is a visa-free country and getting cheap flights to Benin is not as difficult as it may seem.

It is true that the Benin Republic is soon becoming a cherished destination for holidays. Although in times past, it was quite a popular country for car shopping now, travellers have spotted a haven to relax and escape from the city life. The capital of Benin, Port Novo and Cotonou are the most popular places in the Republic of Benin.

Benin share borders with Niger and Burkina Faso to the north, Nigeria to the east, Togo to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Languages spoken in the Republic of Benin include French, Fon and Yoruba. So much history has been attributed to Benin due to the role played during the slave trade era in Africa. Benin is also the place where voodoo art was born; making her a part of the rich history we have in Africa.

The art repertoire, blissful Atlantic beaches, national parks and the people will tempt any tourist to visit.  More so, it has been a remarkable unspoiled destination. Amenities provided for tourists here are some of the best you can get in Africa.

If you are planning a trip to the Benin Republic on a budget, there are cheap flights to Benin offered by various airlines that won't cost a fortune.

Attractions in the Benin Republic

Pendjari National Park

Situated in the northwestern part of Benin Republic, The Pendjari National Park adjoins the Arli National Park located in Burkina Faso. This beautiful wildlife park has once been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 2009 because it remains one of the most interesting in West Africa. Popular animals found in this beautiful national park include buffalo, hippopotamus, West African Lion, cheetah, African leopard, hyena, West African wild dogs, African forest elephant and various species of West African antelopes. The national park has been named after the Pendjari River which has an impressive forest gallery. The birdlife here is also rich and it's a place where you will find bird species like the lesser kestrel, Pallid Harrier, lappet-faced vulture, white-fronted black-chat and red-winged pytilia amongst others. Here is a truly charming safari in Africa.

Historic Sites

The historical and cultural mix in the Benin Republic presents fabulous attractions that endless stories every tourist will love to hear. Historical places you should visit in the Benin Republic include Alexandre Sènou Adandé Ethnographic Museum, a museum that tells the history of the Benin people; Musée en Plein Air de Parakou; Basilica of the Immaculate Conception; Royal Palaces of Abomey; Royal Palace in Porto-Novo, the former residence of the Oba; Ancien Pont bridge and Cotonou Cathedral amongst others.

The Lifestyle of the Benin People

Diversity if the spice of life, they say! Benin republic music, dance and way of life is as diverse as the numerous ethnic group they have. But when it comes to Benin food, you can bet on the quality of the delicacies they have to offer. To have a taste of these, you should book your flights to Benin now. It is good to also mention that the people of Benin republic have a slow-paced lifestyle and are welcoming. This is one of the safest places to visit in Africa.

Obama beach, Hotel Eldorado beach club, Fidjrosse beach, Cotonou beach and Hotel Benin Marina Beach are still some places to catch some fun and enjoy all the natural ambience the Benin Republic has to offer.

Transportation to the Benin Republic

If you are travelling down to this ancient city soon, you can get cheap flights tickets to Benin from Uk depending on your region. Search flights to Benin from London on Airfare Flights Centre to check out some of the cheapest flights we have to offer.

Cheapest Flights to Benin Republic from UK

  • London To Cotonou £ 240 KLM
  • Manchester To Cotonou £ 400 Brussels Airlines
  • Birmingham To Cotonou £ 400 Brussels Airlines
  • Edinburgh To Cotonou £ 435 Brussels Airlines
  • Birmingham To Cotonou £ 435 Brussels Airlines
  • Birmingham To Cotonou £ 459 Brussels Airlines
  • Birmingham To Cotonou £ 459 Brussels Airlines
  • Manchester To Cotonou £ 472 Brussels Airlines
  • Edinburgh To Cotonou £ 473 Brussels Airlines
  • London To Cotonou £ 475 Brussels Airlines
  • London To Cotonou £ 490 Air France
  • London To Cotonou £ 494 Brussels Airlines
  • Manchester To Cotonou £ 500 KLM
  • Edinburgh To Cotonou £ 500 Royal Air Maroc
  • London To Cotonou £ 500 Kenya Airways
  • Manchester To Cotonou £ 500 Kenya Airways
  • Manchester To Cotonou £ 500 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • Manchester To Cotonou £ 502 Brussels Airlines
  • London To Cotonou £ 509 KLM
  • Birmingham To Cotonou £ 510 Royal Air Maroc

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List of Airports in Benin Republic

  • Cadjehoun Airport
  • Djougou Airport
  • Natitingou Airport
  • Kandi Airport
  • Parakou Airport
  • Savé Airport