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Cheap Flights to Somalia

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  • If you are thinking to plan a trip to Somalia, then try looking for Flights to Somalian airports which offer international flights with tangible timings.
  • Somalia has 22 airports and the four biggest airports include Hargeisa International Airport, Aden Adde International Airport (MGQ), Bender Qassim International Airport, Abdullahi Yusuf International Airport.
  • The distance of the Flights from the UK to Somalia is lengthy which results in a long flight time. To solve this issue, most flights traditionally have two different airlines going through to Somalia.
  • The cheapest fares for airlines to Somalia Flights are in the month of April.

Somalia Overview

After President Siad Barre’s military administration was overthrown in 1991, Somalia fell into anarchy. As adversary warlords shredded the nation into a clan-based estate. After this, a globally supported unity government framed in 2000 attempted to establish control of the situation but it was not effective.

In 2006, the capital city and the southern region of Somalia were seized by a group of Islamists and it provoked Ethiopia forces and the African Union forces to intervene and take charge of the situation. However, ever since 2012, the country has been slowly creeping towards stability after the introduction of a new internationally-supported government; however, there is still a challenge from Al-Shadab (an Al-Qaeda aligned agency) for the new authorities.

Somalia is a country that should be visited in cooler months, particularly August and June as the temperature here reaches to the average of 47 Celsius during the summer days. The tourists can visit theNational Park and the beaches at this time of the year. So if you are looking forward to booking Flights to Somalia, you should do so during the months of August and June.

Somalia Facts

  • Somalia is located on the eastern border between Africa and the Indian Ocean with Ethiopia on its west, Djibouti on its northwest, Kenya on its southwest, and Yemen towards the north. 
  • Somalia contains 27 regions and was colonized by both Britain and France before it picked up autonomy on July 1, 1960.
  • The country has dry land (semi-arid climate) since it experiences an exceptionally hot atmosphere since it is found near the equator. Average temperatures range from as low as 20⁰C to 40⁰C but some northern areas experience extreme temperatures of over 45⁰C.
  • It is considered being the single country around the globe do not have any central government.
  • The country is also popularly known to be a shelter for the ‘pirates’ – individuals who commit illegal activities such as robbery at sea.

Cheap Somalia fares from UK

  • London To Hargeisa £ 540 Emirates
  • London To Mogadishu £ 550 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Hargeisa £ 576 Emirates
  • London To Hargeisa £ 580 Ethiopian Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 590 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 590 Ethiopian Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 620 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 645 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 662 Ethiopian Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 670 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 689 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 740 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 780 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 798 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Mogadishu £ 835 THY - Turkish Airlines

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Flights to Somalian Airports

  • Aden Adde International Airport
  • Egal International Airport
  • Bosaso Airport
  • Alula Airport
  • Baidoa Airport