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Cheap Flights to Swaziland by Airfare Centre

• Most of the airlines from Heathrow does not offer any direct flights to Swaziland.

• If you want to take cheap flight to Swaziland, it will require 11 hours to reach South Africa and then a connecting flight of 45 minutes to reach Swaziland

• British Airways and Qatar Airways are your best bets If you are looking to book Swaziland flights tickets from the UK.

• Airfare Centre lets you choose the best Swaziland Airfare.

Swaziland Overview

It happens to be one of the smallest countries in Africa and one of the few monarchies as well. Basically, it is a very economical place to visit and is quite friendly as well for the International tourists. However, the country is not quite developed, and if you are visiting Swaziland after coming from South Africa, you will feel the difference in no time. For instance, if you are taking a flight to Swaziland from South Africa, you will observe the very first change in ‘standard’ the time you land here.

Swaziland, the landlocked country, has a rich history of inhabitation from prehistoric times. The capital of the country is Lobamba, and that is where the International airport is located to receive most of its connecting flights from South Africa.

Even though the country is significantly smaller than South Africa, but the amount of peace it has to offer is unparalleled, regardless of its smaller size. The friendly nature of people is to be credited in this regard.

Let it be an extravagant royal wedding, stunning scenery or wildlife reserves; this small country has everything to electrify your experience. 

If you are a wildlife fan, you need to head towards the Hlane Royal National Park which is the home to a very diverse variety of animals, including antelopes, lions and white rhinos as well. If you happen to be even more adventurous, do not be hesitant to install your camp in the national park.

If we talk about the Eastern Swaziland, the skyline is occupied by the enormous Lebombo Mountains, which is an 800 km long mountain range running through Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland.

Things to do in Swaziland

• Swaziland nests an array of skilled artisans and is quite renowned for it, across the continent. One of the places worthy of visiting under all circumstances is Ngwenya Glass, which is the most celebrated glass factory in Africa.

• Moreover, you can also visit the Sibebe Rock, which is a granite dome and ranks second in terms of its size and exposure. It is a 3 billion-year-old tourist attraction! 

• Well, you can also hike on the Lubombo mountains which nests well-marked trails in the dense forests.

Airfare Centre's Cheapest Flights to Swaziland

  • London To Manzini £ 450 Emirates
  • London To Manzini £ 510 Emirates
  • London To Manzini £ 530 Ethiopian Airlines
  • London To Manzini £ 590 Ethiopian Airlines
  • London To Manzini £ 620 THY - Turkish Airlines
  • London To Manzini £ 670 Kenya Airways
  • London To Manzini £ 704 South African Express Airways
  • London To Manzini £ 740 South African Express Airways

Fares to famous Swaziland destinations

  • Cheap Flights to Manzini

Flights to other Destinations

  • Matsapha Airport

List of airports in Swaziland

  • King Mswati III International
  • Matsapha Airport