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Flights to Congo
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  • Other cities with airlines that fly to DR Congo are Liverpool, Newcastle, Dublin, Glasgow, Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds, Norwich and Edinburgh.
  • From UK airports, there are direct and indirect flights to Kinshasa, the capital of Congo and to other big cities in Congo like Lumbubashi and Mbuji-Maji.


Formally known as Zaire, Congo, the breadbasket of Africa is immersed in quaint waterfalls, colourful flowers, luscious green plants and home to one of the prominent rivers in Africa, The River Congo. The Democratic Republic Congo is a low budget travel destination with captivating sites to behold. Cheap flights to Congo are also offered by various airlines. The Congolese capital, Kinshasa is a paradise in its own and a superb destination notable for its nightlife, arts and crafts. Congo is a French-speaking country because it was colonized by France. Travelling to major cities in Congo like Kinshasa, Lumbubashi, Mbuji-Maji, Kananga, Bukavu or Goma for holidays will give you a swell time and also leave a mellow experience you will never forget.

Perhaps you have seen a couple of Congo documentary and caught a glimpse of some of the exotic animal species, it is true that Congo hosts a lot of wildlife activities. Since most African nations are rich in exotic species of animals, you should not expect less from Congo.
In Congo, culture and tradition are held in high esteem. Popular forms of music are Congolese rumba, soukous and ndombolo with popular musicians like Wendo Kolosoy (father of rumba). For food, the Belgian colonial period got a huge influence on their preference for their use of mayonnaise. Almost every meal will have to go with some mayo. There is a lot of restaurant in Congo that caters for tourists and you will get a handful to pick from.

Although the weather pattern in Africa is becoming so unpredictable due to global warming, typical weather in Congo alternates between the dry season and the raining season. There is usually a short dry season between January to February and long dry season from May to September; short rainy season from March to April and long rainy season from October to December. However, the best time to visit Congo is during the dry season when the atmosphere would not be too humid to move around.


DRC is filled with UNESCO designated national parks and so other alluring places to visit. Join me to see the best places to visit in Congo, shall we?

National Parks

Undoubtedly, the wildlife in Congo is phenomenal with very rare species of animals endemic to DR Congo alone. The Okapi, also called forest giraffe, looks like a deer with zebra stripes. It measures about 6 feet to the head and 5 feet to the shoulder. The Okapi Wildlife Reserve was established in 1992 to protect this rare animal species. The reserve is now home to over 5000 okapis, 2000 leopards and over 4000 elephants amongst other numerous species.
Virunga National Park is Africa's most protected biologically diverse area. The bird species here is way more than the birds in the UK and US. Prominent mammals include hippos, okapis, lions, mountain gorillas, forest and savannah elephant.

Salina National Park is the largest protected rainforest in the whole of Africa and has become a habitat to most of the endangered species. It plays a major role in climate regulation as well.

Boyoma Waterfall

Boyoma falls is the second best-known waterfall in Africa with about 7 drops that measures up to 200 feet. The attraction here is the fishing method carried out by the locals which cannot be found anywhere in the world. It is also known as Stanley falls.

Lake Kivu

Here is a huge freshwater lake that dubs as the sixth largest lake in Africa. It is located at the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The road to this lake curves back and forth in such a way that it weaves through the mountains and the valley, presenting most beautiful views of the lake at every turn. The villagers around this lake are friendly and like to wave to any visitor they meet. The public beach at the lakeshore, although quite busy, offer some great water sports options. Not only that but also, international standard hotels with private beaches and trendy bars with great cocktail options.

Other interesting places to visit in Congo include Lola Ya Bonobo, Mountain Gorilla, Nyiragongo Volcano, Garamba National Park, Falls of Zongo, Idjwi and Kisangani.

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List of Airports in DR Congo

  • N'Djili International Airport (Kinshasa I
  • Lubumbashi International Airport
  • Goma International Airport
  • Boma Airport
  • Bangoka International Airport