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Cookie Policy

As important as it is for a visitor to have enhanced experience on the website, it is equally important for the website developer too to have a fair idea of what the visitor thinks about the website and how do they rate their website exploring journey.

The below writing excerpt explains the cookie policy we at Airfare Centre follow:

Explaining Cookie

A cookie can simply be referred as a document explaining visitors experience of the website. As soon as a reader visits a website, a text file is saved on visitor’s computer at the very same moment. This text file also known as cookie is then sect to the website owner through browser after you close the specific website. Giving its reader, an enhanced experience next tie is the ideal aim of a cookie. 

Why do we use cookies?

To enhance website speed and functionality are the core reasons why we use cookies. It give website developer an idea about likes and dislikes of majority of the viewers. Cookies used by our website enable us to understand how to make time for our customers valuable, wat content a user is searching for in our website and how to make sure our website responds to your needs. Best destinations, desired booking timelines, payment methods and price ranges are just few pieces of information that help us in understanding psychology of majority of our customers. 

What kind of cookies do we use?

The kind of cookies used by include:

  • Functional Cookies - Functional cookies helps us in understanding needs of customers and giving them back their wants.  
  • Technical Cookies -These cookies help in running a website properly/
  • Analytical Cookies – As the name suggest, this cookie monitors movement of the visitor and take note of the content that is been viewed and liked by the visitor. 
  • Social Cookies -  Such cookies are affiliated with social networking websites and allow us to manage interactions of customers through social widgets on our websites. 
  • Behavioral and Advertising Cookies – Such cookies gather choices and preferences customers want to see in content, pictorial and designing of website.