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Cheap Flights to Libya from UK

Libya Oasis
  • Libya features amazing attractions you should not miss out on and that is why we offer cheap flights to Libya so nothing can stop you.
  • The best time to book your Libya flights is two months before your departure because last-minute flights to Libya might not be as cheap as expected.
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  • As usual, you can avail yourself flight to Libya from UK at London Heathrow and Manchester.
  • Direct flights to Benghazi and Tripoli are available all year round with cheap flights deals but may vary according to the airlines.

Libya Overview

If what comes to your mind when Libya is mentioned is civil unrest, then you are missing a lot. It is saddening the Libya war has pervaded the media and neglected the beautiful stories in Libya. If you want to confirm, you should be on a flight to Libya the next minute.  Located in the northern part of Africa, Libya is the seventeenth largest country in the world. While a vast part of the country may appear like a desert due to the influence of the Sahara, the mountains are able to provide a favourable environment for agricultural practices and the inhabitants rely on aquifers for water. Libya population is about 6.4 million with a mixed variety of ethnic groups.

Libya weather is greatly influenced by the Mediterranean and Saharan region. Temperature can be up to 50 degrees at some time. The best time to visit Libya will be between October and April when the temperature is not extreme. Other major cities in Libya like Tripoli, Benghazi, Misratah and Tarhuna can also be visited at this time.

The national dish in Libya is called Couscous also known as cracked wheat and it is usually prepared in a sauce of hot peppers, vegetables, chickpeas and tomatoes. Libyans are known to drink green tea every day mostly after meals.

Places to Visit in Libya

1. The Beaches

Find your worry-free escape in one of Libya's superb beaches. Beaches in itself have many restorative benefits as well as improve the well-being of people and the beaches in Libya are no less. Libya's plethora of beaches is what continues to draw tourist to itself. Zuwarah, Farwa Island, Ras Al-Hammamah, Neqezzah and Ras Alteen are some of the locations to find the most attractive beaches. Well, these beaches remain unspoiled and highlight a variety of fun activities for swimmers, sunbathers, dancers and sailers alike.

2. The Historical Sites

The world is a book and those who do not travel have only opened a page. Do not be part of this category, find out how you can get flights to Libya as your itinerary. Libya has some hidden historical monuments that tell priceless stories. A good place to explore when you visit Libya is the historical sites which contain artefacts and give detailed information about Libya.


You might have heard of Cyrene before and it is a must say that this is the most impressive Greco-Roman sites in the world. Even beyond Greece itself. A landmark in Cyrene is the Cyrene Amphitheatre, the largest Greek site in Africa. Cyrene also has so many other sites to see. Some of them are Agora, Acropolis, necropolis and forum. This mix of Greek and Roman is topped with the creative planning of the city.


About 50 miles away from Tripoli to the west lay the impressive ruins of Sabratha. This site gives modern visitors some insight into the African slave trade history. Tourists will be able to see the several temples, three-storey theatre and the remains of the luxury Roman villa.

Arch of Marcus Aurelius

In 165AD, the Arch of Marcus Aurelius was built to celebrate the victories of Lucius Verus, the emperor's brother who conquered the Parthian Empire. This arch is well preserved as the sole remnant of the Roman era.

Leptis Magna

A well preserved archaeological site in the capital of Libya, Tripoli, is the Leptis Magna which was founded by the Phoenicians and later became a part of the Roman Empire. The Severan Basilica, the Severan Arch and the Forum are well preserved and continue to make this arena beautiful.

3. National Parks

Explore some African Safaris in forms of national parks and natural reserves in Libya. With the combination of coastal areas, desert environment and coastline that borders the Mediterranean Sea, Libya has got a vast fauna and flora presence with over 300 species of birds and more than 87 unique species of mammals. The wildlife Libya has is quite amazing and El Kouf, Algharabolli, El Naggaza, El Naggaza, Surman, Rajma as well as Sabratha is the best place to see them.

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Flights from UK to Libya

  • London To Benghazi £ 500 Aeroflot
  • Edinburgh To Benghazi £ 510 flybe
  • Manchester To Benghazi £ 510 flybe
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  • Edinburgh To Benghazi £ 560 Aeroflot
  • Edinburgh To Benghazi £ 570 Air France
  • Manchester To Benghazi £ 570 Air France
  • Manchester To Benghazi £ 575 Alitalia

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List of Airports in Libya

  • Tripoli International Airport
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  • Kufra Airport
  • Ghadames East Airport
  • Brack Airport
  • Benina International Airport
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